About the clinic

Our philosophy

Although appearance is not the most important thing in life, the way we look says a lot about us. A well-maintained appearance suggests similar precision in other aspects of life.

Feeling attractive has two pleasant side effects: self-confidence and an open path to a carefree life. That's because healthy self-esteem goes hand in hand with success in business and private life.

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Our team's vision

Our mission is to help you feel good. We have all the necessary prerequisites - unique equipment and an excellent team. We are ready to help when you:

  • are not happy with your body
  • need to refresh your look
  • are recovering from injuries
  • are looking for complex care at the highest possible level
  • want to determine the overall condition of your body

We want you to leave healthy and satisfied with yourself, and will do our utmost to achieve this goal.

Focus of our clinic

We offer comprehensive care in aesthetic medicine. We provide treatment in the field of corrective and laser dermatology as well as more complex procedures performed by a plastic surgeon. All care is provided in accordance with the highest safety standards.
We have a separate dentistry department providing comprehensive care, from routine treatments to surgical procedures and teeth whitening. We also offer the services of our excellent dental hygienists.
And last but not least, we focus on preventive medicine. In a single session, we can comprehensively examine your entire health condition.

We can satisfy even the most demanding clients

At the Brandeis Clinic, we have an excellent team of specialists working with the best available equipment. We will be happy to welcome you at the Blue Rose, a unique historical building in the centre of Prague!
If you have any questions or wish to arrange a non-binding appointment, please contact us.

Volejte 226 291 640, nebo nám napište!