History of the place

Dům U Modré růže

History of the "Blue Rose" house

The Brandeis Clinic has its seat in the historical centre of Prague. It is situated in an architecturally significant building in Králodvorská Street in the Old Town, the Blue Rose house.

The building's transformation over the ages

The first written accounts of the house date back to 1364, when various traders and bankers worked here. The building itself, however, was built at least a hundred years previously.
In 1600, it was rebuilt in the Renaissance style. Before 1700, more modifications were made, this time in the spirit of the Baroque. In the second half of the 19th century, the house underwent another, Classicist renovation. At that time, it was at least two storeys shorter; its current look dates from the mid-20th century.

Historical building as the seat of a modern clinic

In 2011, the house was purchased by the Brandejs family with the vision of building a state-of-the-art clinic providing comprehensive premium care. With the help of prominent Czech architect J. Pizinger, the interior of the house was carefully renovated to provide sophisticated comfort to our clients.

The result is a combination of Renaissance and Classicist elements with contemporary modern architecture. The entire interior is built on these seemingly contrasting styles. Historical artwork, original floors and light fittings are nicely complemented with modern elements. The unobtrusive, almost levitating furniture bears special mention, with shapes evoking the perfection of the female body.

This sophisticated interior, based on a symbiosis of the past and the present, creates a pleasant and harmonious environment.
Mrs Anna Brandejs, founder of the clinic, explains the choice of its seat:
"The idea of locating the Brandeis Clinic in a historical building in the very centre of Prague was one of the key moments in the design of its overall concept. Our vision is to establish a pleasant, almost home-like atmosphere. We are aware that we are in some ways going against the traditional idea of what a modern medical centre should look like. But I am convinced that we have made the right choice and that our clients will feel exceptional here."

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