Labia Reduction - Labiaplasty

The hidden beauty of femininity. Labiaplasty or plastic surgery of the labia minora is a procedure whose popularity is gradually spreading here from the Western world.


Even though the results of the surgery are not apparent at first glance, it can be a strong relief for many women. The problem of excessively large labia is not merely aesthetic, but also practical. They can interfere with intimate hygiene, sports, sexual intercourse or when wearing swimsuits. But there is a relatively simple surgery that can fix the problem.

Before the treatment

Before the surgery, it is necessary to consult a specialist at our clinic. Based on a clinical examination, the physician will recommend a suitable solution and explain the surgery and post-operative regimen. The procedure is usually performed after the end of the menstrual cycle to ensure the wounds have time to heal before the next period. Finally the physician together with the reception desk arranges a suitable date and recommends necessary pre-operative examinations.

During the treatment

Labiaplasty takes about 1 hour and is performed under general anaesthesia. Following the pre-operative drawings, the surgeon removes excess skin and subcutaneous tissues from the intimate areas, achieving the desired reduction of the labia. The wounds are closed with absorbable sutures that do not need to be removed. After the surgery, the client remains hospitalised until the next day.

After the treatment

Some swelling and minor bruising of the treated area persists for about a week after surgery, after which time it gradually disappears. We recommend wearing loose clothing and mostly lying down in this time - sitting is not recommended in the first days. The client should follow a stricter hygienic regimen to minimise the risk of inflammatory complications. Total recovery after the surgery takes about one month.

Who can be treated?

Healthy women over 18.
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